How Droveio works

Droveio is a social network, designed to offer a more positive experience, free of advertising, conscious of your wellbeing, and respectful of your privacy. We're a subscription service, which allows us to focus on providing great service to our customers without compromising our ethics. Your subscription covers everyone who joins your space. Invite as many as you like and it's still just $10 a month.

Most social networks, like Facebook, are massive, noisey places. Everything and everyone is mashed together, and it's often hard to seperate what matters from what doesn't. Feeds are algorithimically optimised in order to keep you browsing for as long as possible, so they can sell advertising. Worse yet, no matter where you go, you carry everything you've ever posted with you for everyone to see. It's a privacy and mental wellbeing nightmare.

Droveio is separated into spaces, each distinct and private, so what you share in one never bleeds over into others. That's a monumental difference, and the core of what makes us special. Our platform makes it easy to seperate your personal life from your work life and your interests. You share as little or as much as you want with the people you want.

We don't want to be the next big thing.

There's already too many big things. We want to be the next small thing, in the context of user experience. We're a social network that's invested in your wellbeing, designed to be mindful, built to respect your privacy, and meant to be a source of positivity in your life.

For years Big Tech has been mining your data and selling your identity. They've crafted every feature to optimise for ad delivery, rather than your happiness and wellbeing. Study after study has shown using services like Facebook have led to a negative impact on users mental and physical health and satisfaction with life.

We strongly believe social media can be a powerful tool for good when you connect people in a genuine and meaningful way, but Big Tech has abused the power we've given them time and time again.

We couldn't be more different. We're a family-run company that's chosen to be the polar opposite of Silicon Valley. We started building Droveio because of the growing concerns we had over the direction social networking was taking. For years, Big Tech has allowed disinformation and manipulative advertising in the name of profits and turned a blind eye to the harassment and damage it's caused our society. We built Droveio from the ground up to address these very real and frightening concerns.

  • You are not our product, you are our priority
  • We don't display advertisements
  • We design for privacy, and put you in control of your data
  • We have a reasonable, ethical business model
  • We don't track you around the Internet
  • We don't share your information with third parties
  • We don't mine your data, use machine learning or aritifical intelligence
  • We don't use algorithims to decide what you do or do not see
  • We believe in doing one thing, and doing it exceptionally well

Who are we?

We're an independent, family-run company founded in 2018 by Mother and Son team Jane Sims and Evan Sims. Jane brings extensive experience in business management and marketing, and Evan is a full-stack developer who previously worked in the non-profit sector building software to help marginalized peoples raise their voices.

You can reach us collectively at hello@droveio.com, Jane at jane@droveio.com and Evan at evan@droveio.com.